How to get an affiliate ID?

How to get an affiliate ID?

What's the affiliate ID?

Once your affiliate application is approved, you will get a unique affiliate ID, and then you can drive traffic to 123 flash chat via a designated hyperlink and watch your stats for sales, for example, Then two technologies (cookies and query strings with session IDs) are utilized in our tracking system to accurately count the sales amount generated from your website. That means even if someone followed your link to our site, then left our web site and came back later (within one year) to purchase, you can still get full credit and we will pay you!

For each new customer generated from your site to 123 Flash Chat, you will get a 20% commission of the customer's license fee and 10% commission of the module fee. If the customer purchases chat hosting service instead, you will get 5% commission of the hosting fee as long as his hosting subscription is still live.

How to become an affiliate of 123 Flash Chat?

Please enter 123 Flash Chat Affiliate System and register to be an affiliate. Once approved by TOPCMM successfully, you can enter the system and get your affiliate ID. It's all free!

The picture below shows that the affiliate ID will be at the top left of the affiliate panel.

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