123 Web Messenger

Drupal IM Extension

Drupal IM Extension

It can add a Facebook-like web messenger bar at the bottom of your site, with nine skins and users single sign-on. And the best part is once the module is successfully installed, a free hosted web messenger will be assigned to your Drupal.

Drupal IM Integration Introduction

What does the IM module add to Drupal? It adds a facebook-like bar with an IM friend list and single sign-on.

1. Facebook-like bar with an IM friend list

After the seamless integration of Drupal database with 123 Web Messenger, a Facebook-like web chat bar will appear at the bottom of page, similar to the Facebook Messenger / Facebook Chat. The Facebook-like Chat Bar for Drupal allows users to chat with each other from the web-based 123 Web Messenger, by clicking the "Friends" icon to popup the friend list of 123 Web Messenger to chat with buddies on website conveniently.
Drupal Facebook Bar of Web Messennger, Web Messenger, IM Software, Facebook Chat

Choose Chat Clients

2. Single sign-on

With the module of Drupal Instant Messenger, you will get seamless integration of the 123 Web Messenger and your existing Drupal database. After the successful integration, your Drupal users may access the web messenger without re-entering their username and password again.

3. Control Panel

Drupal ACP -> 123WEBMESSENGER-> 123WebMessenger Settings.
Drupal Control Panel of Web Messennger, Web Messenger, IM Software, Facebook Chat


Download IM Module

Free Download

File size: 21KB
Installation Level: Intermediate
Installation Time: ~5 Minutes

Online Demo

1. Drupal IM Demo Site
Drupal IM Demo Site

2. General IM Demo
General IM Demo

Drupal IM Features


  • Users integrated: Users of your Drupal can be fully integrated to IM.
  • Single sign-on: No separate login is required.

  • Why Wait?

  • Luxurious features: Facebook-like chat bar, friend list, smilies, one on one chat, chat invitation, file transfer, etc.
  • Multiple skins: Nine skins are available to fit in your website.
  • Free hosted web messenger available.
  • Professional support staff for paid web messenger hosting user or license buyer.

  • Server Modes

    123 Web Messenger provides three server modes, free trial license, free hosting or paid ones.
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    More Drupal Communication Solutions

    Drupal Chat Module
    123 Flash Chat Drupal Module offers you an easy way to integrate drupal with the leading web based chat room software seamlessly.

    Learn more about 123 Web Messenger

    123 Web Messenger is a real-time instant messenger software for your own website.

    It has 3 forms: web-based chat client and an optional instant messenger desktop application with friend list function, and a brand new client is added in version 2.2 & above, which named Facebook-like Web Chat Bar (Facebook-like Chat Bar), empowering your website with a Facebook style web messenger. All of the clients are secure, reliable and feature-rich with ease of use.

    The essence of the web-based client is an invitation button, it may be embedded to any proper places of your website and initiate a pop-up invitation window, then the clicker and the clicked can start a private conversation if the clicked agrees.

    123 Web Messenger has text messaging and video messaging options.

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