TOPCMM Integration Service for Joomla!, phpBB, vBulletin, etc.

Integration Service

Free Way

Usually an user can install 123 flash chat and integrate the chat with the existing database easily, free of extra charge, because extensive documents are already available in the trial version and online website to help you DIY.

Basic tutorials:

And if you're running some popular portal or forum, things could be even more easier, because we also offer free chat modules for you to download to integrate 3rd party database.

Technical Help

In the process of installing the modules above, you may need instant help, so don't hesitate to drop us an email. We will offer suggestions and help you resolve the problem. If you are under heavy schedule and would rather let us to do it for you, please provide sufficient information to us.

For installation, we need Telnet or SSH account (if Linux) or remote desktop control account(if Windows) of your server.

For integration, we need FTP account and your database details.

Our engineer will try our best to help you.

Pay Way

But if your database is different from the available chat modules, or it's your own creation, we'll charge integration fee which starts from $100, because it takes hours to study the structure of your database to find a way to integrate it.

After the integration is done, users will not have to register or login twice, one in your existing database and one in chat room, all they have to do is remaining logged in your website and click "chat" button, bingo! they enter the chat room with a recognized identidy!

If it's Mysql, the following information will be needed to finish the integration:

  • Database name
  • Username table name
  • User field name
  • Password field name
  • Admin account of your forum or CMS
  • Some testing accounts of your forum or CMS

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