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Online English customer service/ sales rep.

  Job Description:- Chat with customers worldwide, demonstrate chat features of software,
guide them to purchase,etc.
- English skill : English or relative major, CET 6 or above. Fluent oral English.
- Communication : Good at communication with customers and colleagues.
Friendly and patient.
- Computer : Proficiency in computer and internet skills. Quick learner.
- Working in a 4-shift system, ie: 12 hours on and 36 hours off.
- Base+bonus,Negotiable.

Flash Programmer

  Job Description:- Have experience of Flash program,know Action Script ,can make founction
custom based on current flash sourse.
- It's better if you have experience of hosting Linux,Windows server.
- It's prefered if you know one of these network program develop
language,php,asp,,jsp,ColdFusion,perl etc.
- Have strong passion on Flash
- Have strong communication ability with clients and colleagues.
- Can solve problem by yourself, handle difficult alone.
- Good at reading,writing english. can make fluent comunication online.
- Treasure current job,work hard,and work smoothly under high stress.

Website Art Designer/Designer of software client face

  Job Description:- Have excellent art knowledage,with good art originality,graduated from art
design major,or relative major.
- Master Flash graphic design,love flash making.
- Have experience on website design,familar with the basic website densign
language HTML.
- Creative,responsible,aggressive and with team-work sprit.can fit for the high
speed work surroundings.
- It's prefered if you have the experience of design of software Client face
- Ability to communicate fluently in English preferred.

Senior Java Programer

  Job Description:- Master Java program, have experience of comunication server development.
- Familar with program technology eg. XML,schema etc.
- Know face object program technology,familar with the basic structure of j2ee,
have experience of server design
- Master one database at least, and SQL language
- It's prefer if you used Linux before
- Good control at reading,writing english
- Hard-working,activate attitude on work ,love program, great ability at comunication
and learning. team-work spirit,effective

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