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Server Modes

Webmasters have three ways to setup a server for 123 Flash Chat.

1. Free Trial License


  • Fully functional
  • Including audio/video chat!


  • 10-connections-limit
  • A dedicated server is required to host the chat by your own.
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2. Free Hosted Chat


  • Hosted by 123 Flash Chat free of charge
  • No connection limit
  • Basic chat functions.


  • No admin panel, no ban/kick function, no user registration, can't edit room greetings or robot message, can't add media player, no video, no whiteboard, no file transfer, no friend list, etc.
  • Text ads in chat room.
123 Flash Chat Software Hosting Service

3. Paid License or Paid Hosting


  • Powerful admin Panel
  • Ban/kick
  • User registration
  • Ability to edit room greetings and robot message
  • Media player
  • Video chat/whiteboard (optional)
  • File transfer (optional)
  • Friend list (optional)
  • Multiple chat rooms, etc.
  • Professional support,
  • Everything you can imagine and NO ads!
  • (Only about info will be kept because it's a credit note.)
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123 Flash Chat Software Hosting Service

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